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Get your smile back in as little as one day.
One Doctor. One Team of Professionals.
One Location. 

Look and feels the most like natural teeth, and never have to wear dentures during the process.

Much Shorter Treatment time

Unlike snap-in dentures which require at least 5-6 months for your implants to heal, your remaining teeth are removed and the permanent teeth are attached the same day.

Requires the least amount of bone

Avoids costly and time consuming bone grafting. Many patients told they are not candidates for individual dental implants (or that need need time-consuming bone grafts) are great candidates for this procedure. 

Doesn't cover the roof of the mouth

Taste your food better, speak more comfortably, and no more gagging!

Strongest chewing power

Regain chewing power that is considerably stronger than dentures and snap-in dentures, allowing for better diet and overall health.

Rapid Improvement in your Quality of Life

Maintains your jawbone to prevent the appearance of premature aging

This is an ideal treatment for patients who need a full set of upper or lower teeth replaced. Rather than getting one implant per tooth, a full set of teeth are attached to 4-6 implants. During the procedure, the teeth are removed, implants are placed, and a new set of teeth are connected - all in one appointment. 

Because the teeth are locked-in the same day, patients do not need to wear a denture for any period of time, and you never go without teeth. This first set of teeth you get (while you heal) is a fixed (temporary) bridge. 

After you are totally healed, the temporary bridge is removed, and you 


Cost includes all extractions, as many implants as needed, your temporary fixed teeth, and your permanent fixed teeth with a Titanium Bar. 

Single Arch
(Upper or Lower)
Both Arches
(Full mouth)
(per arch)

Upgrade your final (permanent) bridge material to Zirconia or Crystal Ultra.

Lack of confidence in day-to-day interactions

Denture limitations

Dentures slipping

Dentures falling out

Removing dentures for cleaning

Needing to use adhesive

Replacing dentures every 5 or so years

no more

Dentures that come in and out everyday

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